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How To Name Your Brand?

Today branding is not just an option. In order to make something big, branding is of utmost essence. But the problem is branding can as easily make your brand fail or succeed. So you have to be very careful.

Let’s begin with your Brand name.

“You need to understand that the brand name is the first impression of your company.” - So, how you want it to be, dull, boring, or spunky and catchy?

As an entrepreneur, one of the toughest decisions you need to make at the early stage is deciding on your brand name. Even if you have come up with the perfect brand name, you may end up struggling with the on-brand names for your packages, newsletters, and other essentials of your business.

So, to give you a sigh of relief, look here we are standing tall as your perfect business assistance agency.

Even you might meet people stating “Kya Rakha hai Naam me.” As soon as you hear this statement, end the conversation there itself.

Because neither these statements nor those people are good for your business health.

Always Remember - You Should Stand Out.

Most of your potential customers may get that feeling of “this is the one, I was looking for so long.” by just getting their eyes on your brand name.

Naming your business is not any less crucial than naming your child. After all your company will surely be the most loving kid for you.

You are the one who has to live and grow with that name. So, don’t make any compromise in choosing the most appropriate brand name.

However, to make it slightly easier for you, let’s have a look at the goals for a great brand name. Interesting!

Meaning Should Be The Essence

Your business is a very serious matter. You can’t take it lightly. It will be a great source for your establishment in the market and of course, the best decision of your life.

Don’t forget, it is your company that will provide you with a luxurious lifestyle and of course, the slice of drool over cheesy pizza in your mouth. (Or whatever you want to have)

Your brand name signifies you. Make it worth a read! So, ideally, your brand name should hold some importance to you.


Ever heard how a South Indian person spells the name of a North Indian one?

This is within a country where people struggle to call the names of their native citizens. However, AI Ads Global will make you a global brand. You can’t even imagine how other country people will spell your brand name.

Therefore, it is always advisable to keep your name easy to say, spell, and recall.

Your brand name should leave a long-lasting impression on the audience and not offer the people another tongue twister.

So, get your brand stuck in your customers minds with a very innovative and crisp name.

Dare To Be Different

If AI Ads Global offers an extraordinary experience to your business, then how your brand name shouldn’t be extraordinary.

It is the time to stand out from the crowd of competitors by making them stunned with your brand name.

Choosing similar names will never make you the King of the empire. It will always make you feel like a follower.

Tell The Story Of Your Brand

The purpose of your business should be well-defined with your brand name. Not everyone will land on your page and scroll over your whole website.

Let the people know all about your brand with just a single name i.e. with your brand name. A hint is more than enough to captivate the customers to your website.

Don’t Limit It With A Specific Niche

Scalability and Flexibility are the two crucial pillars of every business.

It is always said to dream big.

So, how come you can get satisfied with just a single niche. Choose a brand name that can be the umbrella name for all your services.

Always keep in mind that you will grow and make your choice of the brand name accordingly.


With all these factors in mind, you can end up with a very innovative and tantalizing brand name for your company.

However, when you find the perfect name for your company, don’t forget.

AI Ads Global, your company’s perfect match is here for your assistance with everything after you choose your name.

Together we can surely make your brand roar amongst the world.


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