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To design an interactive website from scratch- to increase traffic engagement, fix the bugs, and the security issues.

Client’s Requirements - Shaze case study

  • They had a requirement for an online system through which the end-user could explore the products on the website.

  • To make an interactive and highly responsive eCommerce platform website.

About Shaze

Shaze is one of the most popular premium lifestyle brands which provides elite creations across the Hosting Collections, Corporate Gifting, Women's & Men's Accessories & Decor.

Solutions We Offered

shaze case study

We, at AI Ads Global, emphasized more on the theme of our client’s websites and the products they provide.

  • After meeting our clients, we decided to make a plan of action which we followed dedicatedly and strictly. We also decided to make a separate list of technologies that we were going to use in this project as we could not compromise on the look and feel of our project.

  • For starters, we audited the old version of the website for errors and mistakes. After the in-depth inspection, we made a list of major and minor errors and challenges that we encountered.

  • Keeping the list of errors in our mind, we started to fix the minor problems first, such as bug fixing, outdated codes, etc. Later, after this process, we jumped directly to fixing the major issues such as security vulnerability treatment, fixing the animation and graphics, designing the UI/UX, and fixing the response time of the website.

  • To solve the security-related issue, we migrated the website from PHP to Magento 2. The reason behind opting for Magento is, as we all know, it is an eCommerce platform and it provides the best in class security for eCommerce websites. Later, we started working on the UI/UX of the website. To make it more interactive and responsive, we used several frameworks. We used jQuery, jQuery Migrate, and jQuery UI to make it more powerful in terms of the animations on the website.

  • We also used Bootstrap for the phenomenal website UI which gives the end-user a premium feel just like Shaze’s products.

  • We filled the website with relevant pictures and animations to make it more attractive and because of that, it justifies the premium and luxury touch it possesses.

  • We also worked on digital marketing and SEO of the website so that it appears at the top of Google ranking.


  • After implementing the changes, the website now looks more premium and luxurious. The response time increased by 20% and the site got more secure as we migrated it to Magento 2.

  • Our SEO strategy helped the website with more traffic and content engagement. The traffic increased on the website by 47% and our digital marketing strategy improved the overall ranking of the website.

  • All-in-all, we could not let the premium and luxurious nature of the website be compromised at any cost. So the team at AI Ads Global delivered results that nobody else could deliver leading to this shaze case study.


The people on this team are genius, Avi & team have tremendous knowledge of user experience. The website is now more responsive and interactive. The team completed the tasks before the given deadline without compromising the quality. Great work guys!


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