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Vivek Bindra case study-


  • To handle the whole digital marketing campaign of Dr. Vivek Bindra

  • Managing his public relations affairs

  • Branding of Dr. Bindra

  • Developing the BadaBusiness website

  • Creating an official BadaBusiness application


BadaBusiness is an initiative taken by Dr. Vivek Bindra that provides substantial knowledge of various business frameworks and strategies. The central goal of BadaBusiness is to help Indian SMEs to get success in their business. It serves as a one-stop solution for all business-related queries.

Key requirements

  • To connect with a vast audience and build better public relations

  • Not enough traffic on the website

  • To make the video content more engaging

  • To develop and design a website

Solutions We Offered

Dr. Vivek Bindra is one of the most influential celebrity motivational speakers. He is famous for his motivational videos for young entrepreneurs and life in general. After successfully ruling YouTube, Dr. Bindra is ready to set sail for the new voyage in the ocean of opportunities. Dr. Bindra and AI Ads Global allied so that they can spread the message around the world. And for that, we need to have a rock-solid Public Relations strategy.

Our team at AI Ads Global devised a powerful PR strategy in which we approached different brands and websites. We started by sending out Press Releases to different news platforms and websites. Later in addition to this, we started with blog submissions. Now, this particular solution solved the two challenges, firstly, it solved the problem of Public Relations, and secondly, it established Dr. Bindra as a brand in front of the world.

After establishing as a brand we moved towards Stage 2 of the client’s requirement. In this stage, we devised a magnificent content strategy. With our team of talented content writers, we started scripting the YouTube videos of Dr. Bindra to make the videos more exciting and engaging, later with the help of the website developers we established a phenomenal website for Dr. Bindra’s venture offers Business lessons, entrepreneurship tips, video interviews of a lot of successful entrepreneurs, case studies, etc. It provides the best content with a methodical approach and experts’ guide.

After setting up the website for we moved towards Stage 3 of the Client’s requirement. In this stage, we started developing the official application for With our team of talented application developers and designers, we successfully managed to develop easy-to-use and interactive applications for young entrepreneurs and people who constantly seek knowledge and wisdom.

One of the biggest challenges we faced while developing the official application was, that we wanted the application to be lightweight, interactive, and powerful at the same time without compromising the quality of the content. After hitting and trying several times, we proudly managed to design a powerful application that was interactive and full of knowledge with minimal storage issues. It is one of the most lightweight applications that provides everything available on the website as well as on Dr. Bindra’s YouTube Channel.

After the development of the official application and the website, we moved towards the final step of the process. The final stage was to bring traffic and engagement to both the website as well as the application. We started this process by focusing on search engine optimization and content marketing on different platforms. Our team of experts worked day and night so that they can deliver the desired results in the form of beautiful numbers.


Dr. Bindra’s videos motivated us to deliver excellent numbers. After executing the all-around plans we managed to pull off the desired results.

We managed to bring 47% more traffic to the website and 63% traffic to the applications with more than 500,000+ downloads. We managed to have 17% more audience engagement on the YouTube videos which are available on Dr. Bindra’s channel.

The website is now live and working and is very interactive as well as responsive. We delivered excellence in just 4 simple stages.

Dr. Bindra inspired many young entrepreneurs and working with him on this project is a magnificent experience for AI Ads Global & Team.


The team at AI Ads Global is so hardworking and dedicated, especially Parvesh Taneja (Content Manager), Venus (Web developer), and Aaron (Digital Marketing Head). They provided me with our brand recognition with phenomenal support and delivered a result which is more than I expected. Way to go guys. Kudos!


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