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Forest Essentials- Case Study


To design an interactive website to increase traffic engagement, and fix the bugs and the security issues.

About Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials deals in authentic ayurvedic products that include a wide range of organic facial care, body care, hair care, and wellness. It is one of the premium luxury Ayurveda beauty stores.

Key Problems

In the world of digitalization, your digital presence is as important as your offline presence. Although Forest Essentials has many stores offline, they were still facing issues with their online presence.

Now the question arises- How did they solve it? Well, they solved it by teaming up with AI Ads Global. After meeting with the team they decided to join hands with our young and innovative minds.

After an in-depth analysis of the website, our team of experts found some major as well as minor problems. Some of those problems were quick to resolve and some of those problems were too complex to handle.

Some of the minor issues that our web developers faced were-

  • Bugs

  • Sites taking too long to load

  • Performance issues

One of the major issues that our web developers faced were-

  • It was vulnerable to cyber attacks

Solutions we offered

After analyzing the whole website, AI Ads Global team started off with making a plan of action in which everything was mentioned like how they were going to fix every issue and make that website more user-friendly and premium.

As we started fixing the website step-by-step we conquered everything related to it, but we faced certain difficulties in fixing issues related to security as we moved forward in our journey of fixing the website.

The one and only major security issue we faced was that the site was vulnerable to cyber attacks. We fixed it by taking the website to Magento and installing some web extensions as well for SEO purposes. This made the website load faster and users could surf the website smoothly without any problems.

Key Highlights

  • Moved the website to Magento for better security

  • Solved performance issues

  • Fixed website vulnerabilities

  • Fixed bugs that made the website slow


After working hard and dedicatedly, we conquered every issue that the website was facing. We changed all the old codes on the website with the new and better ones. After changing the back-end coding we managed to receive magnificent results.

The change of code in the backend process increased the website loading speed by up to 63%. By the time when we started working on it, it was 18%. We managed to make the website more mobile-friendly as in today’s world everyone is on the go and people prefer mobile phones over laptops or computers.

We fixed the buggy section of the website for good - that's the major hindrance to the smooth and seamless performance. Overall the results were more than satisfying.

Lastly, we fixed the security issues related to malware vulnerabilities. Our hero in this conquest was Ms. Divya Bhutani. She came up with a magnificent plan to fill the vulnerabilities throughout the website and made it more secure and safe. It was her idea to move the website to Magento for superior security.

These are some steps that we followed to make the Forest Essential website more premium and official. It’s all about numbers, and we managed to give them the beautiful numbers they were looking forward to.


We were really amazed by the results. These guys made our website premium and now it looks more official. The numbers have increased exponentially. Great work guys!

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