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Campus Business Park - Goodman Group - Case Study

How we managed to get a whole business park booked in 3 months with Artificial Intelligence Marketing.


To deliver super targeted leads from businesses and investors that would like to setup their office at Campus Business Park

Client’s Challenges

  • There agency was providing the leads but the leads were super generic and not actually converting.

  • They wanted to pitch this location to investors and businesses as an opportunity rather than an ordinary offering.

  • Client wanted that their staff gets filtered and specific leads that actually are fruitful for them.

About Goodman Group

Goodman is a specialist global industrial property group. They own, develop and manage high-quality, sustainable properties that are close to consumers and provide essential infrastructure for the digital economy.

Solutions We Offered

We, at AI Ads Global, emphasized more on the business requirements of our client’s offering and how they want to project it in the market.

  • After meeting our clients, we decided to make a plan of action which we followed dedicatedly and strictly. We also decided to make a separate list of user demographics, interests, regionality, community that we were going to use/test in this project as we could not compromise on the quality of the leads.

  • For starters, we audited the old ad groups and found variety of targeting errors . After the in-depth inspection, we made a list of major and minor changes that has be made along with putting new strategy in place and challenges that they have encountered.

  • The platforms we chose to target are Google & Facebook in phase 1 along with LinkedIn, Taboola & Rakuten in phase 2.

  • Running through our Artificial Intelligence systems we realised the root cause of their problems, we started to test the new audience targeting as suggested by AI servers. Later, after this process, we jumped directly to the A/B testing of the campaigns.

  • To solve the lead quality issues, we turned our heads to Marketing automation and defined the user journey from the very moment they see our first ad till they become lead and even after that.

  • We also used AI to define the look alike audience of leads we got in first few days & that was the winning move that turned tables for us.

  • We filled the prospects with relevant ads and based on their behavioral patterns, we keep pitching them different properties.

  • We also worked on improving the website UX & conversion points


  • After starting the ads, we have to turn off the ads in 6 weeks because they were not able to handle the volume of highly targeted leads coming.

  • Our Automation was highly successful to filter out the leads and the actually trash lead ratio was down 1:10 compared to 7:10 previously.

  • All the units are booked within 3 months of ad campaigns.

  • Creating 5x impressions along with the 3x clicks with CPC 40% lower than previous campaigns

  • Cost per lead went down by almost 50%, even after generating super targeted leads.


We are very satisfied with the results AI Ads Global gave us & would like to work with you guys again. Aaron and team understood the requirements & delivered on their promises without compromising the quality. Great work guys!


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